Hello and welcome to my professional website!

My name is Fátima Aldora Carvalho, I was born in Maia, a beautiful Portuguese city, and I have been a freelance translator for the last five years.

Living with a passion for linguistics, with constant emphasis on quality contextual matching and respect of deadlines.

In the course of my career so far, I had the opportunity to provide linguistic services to major European or US-based companies, as a Translator, Proofreader and sometimes Teacher. Deeply convinced that the quality of a text, whatever it may be, is key to a good understanding and the way forward to transboundary integration. My professional expertise extends beyond translation and proofreadind to include quality control, sociocultural risk assessment and advising, and project management. My main purpose is to create long-term client relationships by building client-centric solutions that deliver measurable results.

I have developed a strong reputation with clients for my reliability and consistently high standards.

I continue to maintain an active programme of professional development and hold a wide-range of professional qualifications. My latest accomplishment was a certification on Teacher Training, with a Specialization on Gender Equality.


I have an University Degree in Specialized Translation By ISCAP , a Portuguese University,  and since 2010 I have been working as independent Translator, Proofreader and Reviewer.

In addition I have the ability to work with five languages, English, German, Spanish, Italy, French, being the European Portuguese my mother tongue and the Brazilian Portuguese my second language.


I started my professional career in 2001 as Sales Assistant in a prestigious Portuguese company of Hotel Industry Equipment and HVAC systems. I gained experience and high technical expertise in this field with the added value of proven satisfaction of my clients.

Now, as a technical Translator/Proofreader/Reviewer I apply my most valuable experience taking a client-centered approach to translation.

In fact, I always ensure that I have a precise idea of the purpose of the translation, by listening the client, requirements, intention of the target text and only then I start the translation service.

I have the tools of the trade and use them to ensure that the correct terminology is used, that the client’s preferred terms are given priority and that the style of the translated text is perfectly readable and clear.


  • Degree in Specialized Translation.
  • 14 years experience in Hotel Industry Equipment/Food Industry.
  • Qualified linguist.
  • Certification in Teacher Training with Gender Equality specialization.
  • Experte in Machinery and Food Equipment, Wine, Medical, Business and Oil industry.
  • Work idioms: EN, ES, ITA, FR, DE to PT.
  • Experienced SDL TRADOS 2011/2014 & MEMOQ user.
  • Passion for communication.
  • Terminology management.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Dedication, work ethic and compliance with deadlines.
  • Collaboration with direct clients, agencies, companies, freelance colleagues, Teachers from University school and Public Institutions.


I’ve been working as an independent technical Translator, Proofreader and Reviewer in the following fields:

  • Technical documentation – Industrial and Equipment O&M manuals, catalogs, brochures, process specifications, user manuals, contracts, datasheets, brand agreements, and other technical literature for the Food & Hotel Industry and HVAC systems.
  • Home & Industrial Electronics – by assisting companies when launching their electronics products abroad.
  • Business & Commerce – business correspondence, business plans, management and staff memos, training materials, employee handbooks and contracts.
  • Marketing & Communications – corporate communications, corporate presentations, company profiles, social media marketing strategies, editorials and newsletters, slide show presentations, company magazines, business cards.
  • Wine industry – Grape varieties and origins
  • EU Institutions affairs – Patents, reports, press releases, general info.
  • Governmental, Public and Private organisations – Higher education marketing, internal & external communications, disclosures.
  • Construction & Agricultural Equipment – Industrial Systems and Equipment.
  • Legal – Copyright law, Patents, Agreements, Brand contracts.
  • Medicine, Pharmacology – Specific contents, medical devices, alternative medicine and traditional medicine.
  • Oil and Gas industry – Drilling, oil platforms, piplines.

Translation is the act of communicating and connecting cultures, people and nations!



Leave me a message asking for detailed CV.  Info@portuidiom.com

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